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For Health Professionals

This Way Up

Learn practical strategies for managing chronic pain, and associated low mood and anxiety with our clinically-proven online program.

This Way Up offers a program specifically designed to help individuals suffering from chronic pain. The program is described as a “clinically proven, online course” that aims to provide patients with the tools and strategies they need to manage their chronic pain and improve their overall quality of life. The program is backed by research and has helped thousands of people find relief from their chronic pain. It is worth noting that the program is not a substitute for medical treatment and that individuals should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new treatment program.

The Australian Pain Society

The Australian Pain Society (APS) is a professional organisation that represents healthcare professionals who specialise in the treatment and management of pain. The APS website offers a number of position papers on various topics related to pain management, including the use of pain medications, the role of physiotherapy in pain management, and the treatment of chronic pain in older adults. These position papers are written by experts in the field of pain management and are intended to provide guidance and recommendations on best practices in the field. In addition to these position papers, the APS website also provides information on upcoming events, such as conferences and workshops, and resources for healthcare professionals, such as guidelines and research updates.

NOI Group

Noigroup is a website that offers resources and training in the field of pain science and rehabilitation. The site was founded by Dr. David Butler and Prof. Lorimer Moseley, internationally recognised pain scientists and physiotherapists. Noigroup aims to provide evidence-based information and training to healthcare professionals and the general public, with a focus on understanding and managing chronic pain. The site offers a range of resources, including online courses, live events, articles, and podcasts. Noigroup’s approach is centered on the idea that pain is a complex and multifaceted experience that is shaped by a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and that it can be effectively managed through a combination of physical and psychological interventions.

Pain Australia

Pain Australia is a national organisation that seeks to improve the lives of individuals living with chronic pain in Australia. The organisation works to raise awareness about chronic pain, advocate for the needs of those living with chronic pain, and provide support and resources for individuals affected by chronic pain. Some of the resources and services offered by Pain Australia include a helpline, a support group directory, and information about pain management techniques and treatments. The organisation also conducts research and engages in advocacy efforts to improve the lives of individuals living with chronic pain in Australia.

Graded Motor Imagery

Graded Motor Imagery (GMI) is a treatment approach used in the management of chronic pain. The GMI website is a resource for healthcare professionals and individuals interested in learning more about this treatment approach. The website describes GMI as a “three-step process” that involves left/right discrimination, explicit motor imagery, and mirror therapy, and is designed to retrain the nervous system and improve pain management. The website also provides information on the research behind GMI and how it has been used to effectively treat a variety of chronic pain conditions.


Healthdirect Australia is a government-funded website that provides information and resources on a wide range of health topics, including chronic pain. The website offers information on the causes and symptoms of chronic pain, as well as tips on how to manage chronic pain and improve quality of life. Healthdirect Australia also provides a directory of healthcare professionals and services, including pain management clinics and support groups, to help individuals find the help they need. In addition to these resources, the website also offers a number of tools and calculators, such as a pain assessment tool, to help individuals better understand and manage their health.