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Intensive Programs

UpGrade Program

The UpGrade Intensive Pain Management Program is a comprehensive and innovative approach to address complex chronic pain conditions. This program seamlessly integrates various disciplines, including psychology, pain neuroscience education, and clinical exercise physiology, to provide patients with a multifaceted toolkit for pain relief and improved quality of life.

Advance: CRPS Package

Our CRPS-specific package is designed to provide comprehensive and evidence-based treatment for individuals with complex regional pain syndrome. Our team of specialized healthcare professionals works together to develop a customized treatment plan that addresses the physical, psychological, and emotional impacts of CRPS and helps patients manage their condition effectively. Our goal is to improve the overall quality of life and well-being of our patients with CRPS.

Online Short Course

Permission to Move is a six week pain treatment program that has been tested by pain scientists. Our clinical exercise physiologists provide one on one coaching to help you move beyond pain and live the life you want.

Connect Program

Our program is a specialized postpartum rehabilitation program designed to help new mothers recover from diastasis recti. Led by experienced clinical exercise physiologists, it offers personalized guidance, weekly sessions, and home exercises to improve core function and overall well-being. We’re dedicated to supporting you on your postpartum journey to a stronger, healthier you.

Specialist Pain Medicine Physicians

Dr Laurent Wallace

Specialist Pain Medicine Physician

Dr Trudi Richmond

Specialist Pain Medicine Physician

Dr Michael Davies

Specialist Pain Medicine Physician