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Prior to Your Appointment

Doctor Wallace is not currently accepting
any new referrals for
Independent Medicolegal Examinations

Independent Medicolegal Examinations

Dr Wallace serves as an Independent Medical Examiner, providing an objective clinical diagnosis through a consultation and assessment process that typically takes 60 minutes, but may vary depending on your individual circumstances. Additional time is allotted for document review and report preparation. The assessment includes questions about your medical history, treatments, personal and social life, and more, in order to fully understand how your injury or condition may be impacting you. It’s important to note these are assessments only, no medical treatment or advice can be provided.

Please bring a list of medications and the names of any current doctors or other healthcare providers to your appointment.

Dr Wallace does not allow the use of recording devices during the assessment.

Dr Wallace has undergone training in AMA 4 and 5 for:

  • Upper limb
  • Lower limb
  • Spine
  • Nervous system